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The ALD solutions!

       Located in Albuquerque, NM and founded by scientists from nearby national labs, Angstrom Thin Film Technologies LLC specializes in ALD equipments and technologies. Our dedicated engineers have developed four product lines: 1) Thermron series for research-scale thermal ALD; 2) Angstrom-dep (or ┼-dep) series that integrate two ALD chambers into one unit: a regular chamber for ALD of wafer samples and an agitated chamber dedicated for ALD of powder samples. In addition, the system is ready to be upgraded to a plasma-assisted ALD system.  3) Angstrom-T series for ALD or plasma-ALD of long tubular samples for membrane applications; 4) Angstrom-Plasma series for demanding industry applications. All models can be customized according to usersĺ requirements.


Five reasons to choose ┼-dep« ALD systems:

  1. Capable of processing powder sample

  2. Allows the usage of corrosive gases

  3. Ready to add plasma-ALD

  4. Easy sample mounting and precursor exchange

  5. Low-cost to add additional precursors 

Angstrom-dep (or ┼-dep)
Angstrom-Plasma ALD system
Angstrom Thin Films started collaboration with Rich Power Tech in product and market development
Angstrom-dep powder ALD System just lunched
July 2012
May 2011


Angstrom-dep III plasma/wafer/powder ALD system lunched
Sept 2012